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Corporate Governance

Our corporate governance


The directors of Northern Bear plc (the “Company” or “Northern Bear”) recognise the importance of good corporate governance and have adopted the Corporate Governance Code produced by the Quoted Companies Alliance (the “Code”).  Insofar as it is practicable given Northern Bear’s size and the constitution of its Board, the directors of Northern Bear (the “Directors” and together the “Board”) seek to comply with all provisions of the Code. 

The Code contains ten broad principles for corporate governance and asks companies to provide disclosures in their annual report and accounts, and on their website, as to how they are meeting the principles and any areas where they have chosen to depart from them. 

Given that the Company’s next annual report and financial statements will not be published until 2019, we have chosen to also include disclosures relevant to the annual report on our website as far as possible.  The date that compliance with the Code was last reviewed is 25th September 2018.