Northern Bear Plc – Investing In The Young People of Northern England

We are pleased to announce our latest campaign – “Northern Bear Plc – Investing in Northern England”!

Over the next few weeks, we will be showcasing how we invest in
the wonderful Northern England.

With highlights from:

✏  Our investment in the young people of Northern England
✏  Our apprentices
✏  Apprentice vacancies
✏  Upskilling our current work force

Firstly, we have these amazing teams who we sponsor:
– Newcastle Benfield Juniors – Under 10s – Proudly Sponsored by MGM Construction Ltd
– South Moor Juniors AFC Under 7s – Proudly sponsored by Northern Bear Safety Ltd
– Masac Gym – Annfield Plain – Proudly sponsored by Wensley Roofing Ltd

Without support these wonderful young people wouldn’t be able to continue in a sport that they all love so much!

Make sure you follow us for our next instalment of – “Northern Bear Plc – Investing in Northern England”