North East Nightingale Hospital

Isoler, the Northern Bear company that specialises in building integrity services, undertook essential fire protection works in record time at the North East Nightingale Hospital that opened in Washington on 5 May.

Isoler has a long history of carrying out work for local NHS trusts and so they were the first choice for Project Manager Rob Lees. He needed a company he could rely on to assist in carrying out a very tight programme of works to ensure the hospital could be declared as “finished on time” in order to meet the demanding government requirements for the project.

Isoler managing director John Gilstin said: “We are pleased to be asked and I am proud to say that all Isoler objectives were met and signed off on time.”

Although the 460-bed temporary hospital was mothballed soon after opening it can be re-opened at short notice in the event of a sudden increase in demand.